A – Plant Production.

  1. Agriculture protected in all its details from processing to erection, installation, work, supervision, follow-up and production.
  2. cultivation of strategic and medical crops and all the details of their production.
  3. Planting orchards of palm, citrus and fruits of all kinds and all the details.
  4. Production of vegetables and field crops of all kinds in terms of production or import and trade.
  5. Import and processing of seeds and seeds and seedlings and one of the best international companies specialized in this field
  6. Import and processing of solid and liquid fertilizers of all kinds and one of the best sources in the world
  7. Import and processing of pesticides therapeutic for all diseases and pests that affect the farm and one of the best sources in the world .


B – Animal Production.

  1. Poultry farms in all its details of processing, operation, supervision and follow-up
  2. fattening calves farms to produce meat and all its details
  3. milk cows stations of processing, installation, operation and follow-up
  4. breeding fish with all the requirements and any breeding method available for the product
  5. Trade and manufacture of animal feed of all kinds and more than the origin in the world
  6. breeding farms and fattening sheep in all its details .

C – Mechanization and Agricultural Equipment.

Trade and processing all machinery and equipment and agricultural machinery of the best global origins and all related to the farm tools and supplies important for the process of agricultural production

D – Irrigation.

Trade and equip irrigation equipment with all its details of fixed and longitudinal axial irrigation, fixed and mobile sprinkler systems, drip irrigation systems, subsurface irrigation and everything related to irrigation in the farm according to modern scientific methods.