Trade in general in all areas that relate to the competence of the company’s work in terms of trade supplies and tools and equipment related to the development of projects or the establishment of new projects to the extent that ensures the success of projects and development in line with the requirements of the work of each project as well as trade materials for commercial agencies, which is an important corner in the work.

  1. Trade equipment and tools for oil and gas and oil projects and from the original sources
  2. Trade clothes and accessories and everything related to the elegance of women and men
  3. Trade equipment and tools for airlines, airports and passenger services
  4. Trade electric motorcycles, electric bicycles and electric scooter
  5. Trade tools and agricultural equipment and all types of machinery and machinery related to agriculture
  6. Trade tools and software equipment for the development of capabilities and electronic support for service departments
  7. Services of municipal departments and parks of the facilities and fountains and processing of gardens and game cities and accessories
  8. foodstuff industry and development and the establishment of projects and supervision