This aspect includes a cornerstone of our work in that it is based on providing technical support and scientific and practical experiences in each area of life and according to the required specialization as our company provides technical and scientific courses for all those wishing to develop their personal or practical skills in any specialty and by professors specialized in Providing courses and seminars for these disciplines.

Specializations available

  1. Industry, mechanics, mechanization technology and industrial services
  2. Electricity, electrical equipment, energy and services
  3. Oil and gas services of oil companies, machinery, equipment and oil tools
  4. Agriculture and everything related to the farm services, machinery, studies and development
  5. Information and communication technology and social media programs
  6. Human resources, self-development, preparation and training
  7. Feasibility studies for large and small projects and by specialty
  8. processing and supervision and implementation of all types of new and developed projects
  9. Processing and development of gardens, parks, cities of games and sports stadiums
  10. Development of electronic services for departments and public and private service institutions
  11. Foodstuff industry, development and establishment of projects and supervision
  12. Airlines, travel and airport inspection equipment for persons and goods