Abaq Al Sedra Company

Company’s Overview

General Trade, Expansion, Development & Modern Agriculture. We are a specialized team of consultant engineers and technicians in every area of the company working together to be the best in providing everything new and provide the best services to our customers We hope that our services will satisfy your service to all.  The company has three disciplines separate from each other cadres, executive programs and capital.

General trading

Trade in general in all areas that relate to the competence of the company’s work in terms of trade supplies and tools and equipment related to the development of projects or the establishment of new projects to the extent that ensures the success of projects and development in line with the requirements of the work of each project as well as trade materials for commercial agencies, which is an important corner in the work.

Expansion and development

This aspect includes a cornerstone of our work in that it is based on providing technical support and scientific and practical experiences in each area of life and according to the required specialization as our company provides technical and scientific courses for all those wishing to develop their personal or practical skills in any specialty and by professors specialized in Providing courses and seminars for these disciplines.

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